Little Ramonas

by Maike Moncayo,

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Little Ramonas is a lifestyle blog about three friends united by their love for vintage and rock’n’roll. They are Mariana Puerta, Paula Beltrán and Camila Saldarriaga and their mission is to teach us how to recycle fashion the chic way. From three different locations, Washington, LA and Bogota, respectively, Little Ramonas are developing different fields of action with that clear vision in mind. Be it their vintage boutiques, their styling or projects like “Bombshell”, that introduces us to girls, who just like them, carry themselves with seductive ease and, above all, with great sense of style – the universe of Little Ramonas exudes girl power and a good dose of irreverence. Juls Cassidy, an “it – contributor, and co-author of their latest work, introduced us to Camila, whom we chatted with about her lovely project.

‪Who are Little Ramonas?

‪LR are three creative minds – Mariana Puerta (Ramona Bogotá), Paula Beltran (Ramona Washington), Camila Saldarriaga (Ramona Los Angeles) and other partners around the world.

‪Which fields does LR operate in?

‪LITTLE RAMONAS was created through our love for vintage fashion, photography and art. It’s a lifestyle blog where several Ramonas, in each of their respective city, develops projects inspired by their surroundings. Furthermore, each of us sells vintage in our city. LiTTLERAMONAS.COM is the virtual space where our customers and fans are connected to our collective movement.

The project has evolved rapidly – the fact that each RAMONA lives in a different city has allowed us to grow as an independent franchise. Thanks to that, we had the opportunity to work with professionals from different areas, such as photographers, graphic and fashion designers, illustrators, writers, musicians etc …

‪Where does your love for vintage come from?

‪LiTTLE RAMONAS was born 5 years ago, when we discovered the magic of going to fairs and finding unique items. Also, being part of the movement of contemporary recycling is important to us and is part of the philosophy of Little RAMONAS.

‪ To us, vintage has always been original clothing with a rock’n’roll spirit.

Your motto is “Recycling the chic way”. Can you explain a bit?

“Recycling the Chic way”, our logo, invites people to recycle in style. It is the perfect phrase to describe the process that we handle: old clothes, new clothes, chic clothes.

For us, recycling is very important and necessary at this time. At the same time that we recycle, we are building an amazing fashion brand, we enjoy the challenge, and we create an environmentally conscious community.

This awareness is always present in all of our initiatives, for instance in our packaging, or in our pop-up stores. Our bags are made of recycled paper, we use the same cards as tags and cards, we avoid printing on paper by using the internet as a means of communication, we support local businesses and try to use organic materials, such as wooden hangers, used furniture and natural teas. We love our mother earth!

Who do you admire?

We admire the philosophy of David Lynch, Katharine Hepburn’s personality, Vivenne Westwood’s style and the momentum of Bob Dylan.

Any future plans for Little Ramonas?

Soon, we will be opening our online store with vintage pieces chosen personally by Ramonas, where you can place orders from anywhere in the world.

We are also working on creating a line produced in Colombia, designed by the three Ramonas.

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