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by Estel Vilaseca,

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Imperio Lachinoamericano is a clothing and accessories brand based in Madrid that pays tribute to Latin-American culture. A project that develops from an experiment between two friends, Valeria Maculan, visual artist and Silvia Paredes, a photographer, looking to expand their creative horizons.  Intuitively and almost by chance they create their first “cape” – a versatile and functional garment that transgresses sizes system, while creating a folk aesthetic that later would become the hallmark of the brand. We interviewed Silvia and Valeria in order to know everything about the birth of Imperio Lachinoamericano.

What is Imperio Lachinoamericano and how does it develop?

Imperio Lachinoamericano is a collection of handcrafted garments, which arises from the idea of ​​deconceptualizing materials and, thus, giving them a new life. By combining different textiles and materials we add value to each piece. The brand was founded by Valeria Maculan, visual artist, and Silvia Paredes, a photographer,  in Madrid in 2012.

The project arises from the need to expand our production field. In a very spontaneous way we developed a first garment whose characteristics were quite interesting. We started with a seamless, uni sized and geometric shape. Our first cape, which was very successful last winter.

The name comes from various associations. In several areas of Latin America, women are called “China”, which evokes regional aesthetic stereotypes, that inspire us. Imperio Lachinoamericano stands for Chinese and American empire, but put together, they phonetically they remind you of latinamerican. This amalgam of meanings and associations represent symbols that inspire us, such as the city, the hoods and festivals.

What are your references when you start producing?

We want to develop a concept of garments where size is not a discriminatory condition. The personality of each client is the difference. So we developed a single garment with multiple varieties of colors and textures. Our references come not so much from fashion but from the visual arts, music and the street.

Where does your creative process start from?

Imperio Lachinoamericano is a network of influences which fuses Latin American culture, contemporary art and personal life. We love fabric stores and their sales! We believe that in order to create a piece it´s not necessary to make a great investment.

Why do you go for a local production?

Apart from all the monitoring and care that go into the creation of the product, we focus on local production because, as creatives, we believe that the personal side of things is still valuable.




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