Forget Me Not

by Maike Moncayo,

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Forget me not is a line of silk scarves designed by Coco, Parisian graphic artist with a passion for fashion, art and all things well done. Her work as an illustrator and graphic designer proves it. With a portfolio decorated with collaborations with some of the leading brands (Prada, Balenciaga) and influential publications such as Nylon, Elle, Vogue, … there is no doubt that this girl has done her homework and knows the industry by heart.

And that effort and creativity are also present in “Forget Me Not”. Here, the designer exchanged paper for silk as a medium for her irresistible work – the result of a fusion between different techniques such as drawing and digital graphics, resulting in a language typical of young artists in times of Internet and digital revolution. Handcrafted in Como, Italy, these exquisite scarves attest to a new generation of artisanal products that are inspired by the past, but pointing to the future. Here is the exquisite lookbook presenting the spring / summer 2013 collection.