Efímero birth

by Maike Moncayo,

Fashion and art are getting closer, creating new and interesting intersections. But while art, in theory, enjoys full freedom, fashion, even at its most avantgarde, always has to answer to the claim of utility and the demands of a voracious market. However, little by little, young designers and emerging brands are finding new creative ways of responding to these demands. Opening up niches that appeal to a new class of consumers wanting to put their money into original projects and visionary brands. And more and more designers and young entrepreneurs are aware of the need for a change in the way we produce, distribute and consume fashion.

To die is to live forever

One such project is Efímero, a brand that is born in Barcelona in 2013 and will die in 2017, as Lisi  Lluch explained to us, who, next to Alex Soldevila Fernandez-Cruz, is not only head of the creative communications agency :: frescota: but also co-creator of this interesting experiment. We went to the “birth” of the brand, which was celebrated at their pop-up store in the Paseo de Gracia 53 in Barcelona last week, where they presented their first t-shirt collection. A limited edition of 245 pieces made from organic cotton and printed by hand with organic dyes, this collection was made in collaboration with 12 international artists. Among them,  Ian Stevenson, known for his acid humour,  French illustrator Caroline Selmes and Mogu Takahashi from Japan, who contributed a unique print with their interpretation of the concept of “Birth”. A gesture that gives each t-shirt the value of a collectible item. Therefore, each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, just like a true work of art. 

Authenticity and originality in fashion are no doubt an important part of the future of fashion, as Lisi underlined. A process that started years ago and  that now, with the explosion of artistic collaborations in fashion, on one hand, and the rise of personal style, on the other, has been accentuated tremendously. But also the rediscovery of artisanal production methods, such as screen printing, has given fashion a personal and unique touch, which is the real beauty in all things handmade. There are still three stations in the life cycle of this brand until its death. But for now, its first collection will be on sale in the pop up store throughout January and online.

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