by Maike Moncayo,

Karell Kappl is a brand that starts with the shared love for Spanish craftsmanship. They are Anna Karell and Sonja Kappl, two designers from Finland and Germany, who landed in Barcelona a few years ago. Estel Vilaseca talked about the vindication of the local artisanal industry, which is ever more palpable. And the bags and accessories by Karell Kappl  – a true ode to the classic Mediterranean crafts, such as palm carrycot, attest to that rising trend. A perfect marriage between the past and the present, the collection LONA LATÓN VAQUETILLA exudes functionality and beautiful simplicity. We chatted with Anna about her brand, what “made in Spain” means and what inspires them.

Where are you from?

We Karell Anna and Sonja Kappl and come from Finland and Germany respectively.

How did the project start?

The idea started a few years ago, but it was not until two years ago, that we got to work on our first collection. We really liked Spanish popular products. Starting with the typical Mediterranean basket. Researching this product we realized that these baskets are not manufactured in Spain and the whole process -collecting palm leaves, drying them, separating them, and then braiding them together for the tote bag – is a process which greatly increase the price of the product and is manufactured in other countries with cheap labour force.

We wanted Spanish materials and processes, so we started looking and found cotton canvas, brass and vegetable tanned leather. From there our first three models are born; BASKET L, BASKET M, and URBAN. At the end of 2012 we opened KARELL KAPPL and introduced our first collection LONA LATÓN VAQUETILLA

How important are the materials you use?

They are one of the most important things for us. We spend a lot of time looking for materials that we like and that is only possible if they are from Spain. The material and the details have to be of high quality, beautiful appearance and match the collection. We like to think of the material, in the use and simplicity.

What does it mean for you Made in Spain these days?

For us it is an important factor. We have seen over the years that we’ve been living here, that Spain has a very strong culture and know-how when it comes to fashion, leather, bags, shoes, etc.. All these popular products, which we were speaking about!

That’s why we use locally made materials and a local production. In this way you can not think only of the price of the material but opt ​​for details that evoke the initial idea of the ​​popular products Made in Spain.

What other brands, designers inspire you?

What mainly inspires us are really those Spanish popular products, that we have value, the tote, popular shoes (those with little holes) … those Spanish products that pass unnoticed, and which are of an extraordinary beauty. This is our guiding principle, coupled with the contemporary form of living. But of course, we also draw inspiration from small studios working with beautiful materials and that are engaged with what they believe in and with the demands by the market.

What is your creative process like?

We have an idea, we seek suitable materials, we make prototypes until they show the spirit of KL KP; basic, attractive, practical, beautiful …
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