Eco Eco: Kayla Mattes

by Maike Moncayo,

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Although the work of Kayla Mattes, an LA-based textile artist graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, draws on the nostalgia and kitsch of pop culture from the 90s, her fashion and art projects exemplify our visual culture from today. A fascinating field that unfolds at the intersection of fashion, art, design and the resurgence of DIY culture. Thus, in Kayla’s universe, the dividing line between art and fashion is rather nonexistent. “They basically go hand in hand. (…)Most of my printed fabrics originate from paintings, which I then scan and manipulate in Photoshop. Basically, my art inspires my fashion projects, and vice versa!”, she explains to us. That’s why when she starts working on a new project, she never knows for sure where that stimulus might take her. Her creative process involves a collection of inspiring images and materials, followed by a phase of experimentation, until, finally, concepts and ideas start taking shape.

In her latest project, her accessory line “Summer Camp Jewelry”, this process intuitively evolved towards exquisitely flashy and funwearable pieces rather than art objects. The kitsch aesthetics of her childhood as seen in TV programs for children, cereal ads, computer games or friendship bracelets and dramatic teen series provided an infinite source of inspiration for her colorful artisanal necklaces made of fabric and plastic. And, of course, Gwen Stefani back in those good old days when she was wearing braces.

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