by Maike Moncayo,

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Today we celebrate the birth of Datura, an exciting “web only” ” brand, which vindicates an alternative way of consuming fashion. An new adventure, which appears in Majorcan designer Stefania Borras’ carreer, who worked for Burberry and Francois Girbaud Marithé before launching her namesake brand. Designed in New York and produced in Barcelona, ​​Datura opens its first chapter with “Comelight“, a timeless, simple and ultra feminine collection. Her battle philosophy? Quality-based luxury and exclusivity of handmade garments made from natural fabrics such as cotton or silk. Sustainable collections, which due to its short production chain, can take up the fight against the fast fashion system with very competitive prices and impeccable quality.

A strong project with a clear vision, which shows in every corner of its beautiful website launched today. Dedicated to a woman who is more passionate about clothes than fashion, Datura is more than just a brand. It embodies a new model of textile production and distribution in the line of innovative E-commerce companies such as Honest by. Like Bruno Pieters’ visionary pet project, this is a brand, which provides an alternative for a new type of consumer, who craves quality and transparency. We had the pleasure of talking to Stefania and chat about this new step in her carreer, about sustainability and New York.

Who stands behind this project?

Datura is based in New York and made in Barcelona, ​​where previously the brand comes from by the name of the creator, Stefania Borras. Now she is joined by an Internet entrepreneur, which lead to a “web only” brand concept. Together they have created Datura.

Datura stands for …

For the “web only”-concept, that allows a more direct communication with the client, but also eliminates the middleman and allows  high quality garments at affordable prices.

For sustainability and slow fashion.

For timeless pieces, which are both feminine and comfortable.

For natural fabrics, which feel like a second skin.

For a local and controlled production where what really matters is the product.

For the approach of nature to the city.

Who is it directed at?

At an independent woman, who appreciates elegant and creative, and is more interested in clothes than in fashion.

Who or what served as the starting point for the first collection?

“Comelight” was inspired by a dream I had recently, that has influenced me a lot on this trip. It was a kind of dream of my vision of the future and a new era, a mix between Blue Lake and Blade Runner.

Why sustainable fashion? Is not it too niche? ..

I prefer referring to an evolving lifestyle. Sustainable fashion is an urgent need, our intention is to influence a majority.

Why did you move to the United States? What differences do you see between running your own business in the U.S. and Spain?

New York has always been a place I’ve wanted to settle, there’s a lot of excitement, something that greatly influences my creative energy.

The brand started in New York, because here the business performance is more professional and dynamic. In addition, we continue producing our garments in Spain, since dressmaking here is still more elaborate.

The name? How did it come about?

The essence of the Datura smell has always been very special to me, I began to dig into it and I discovered its close relationship with the female figure and spirituality in shamanic rituals. It is also a universal 6 letter word specially linked to nature.

How long have prepared you been launching the brand? Who assisted you?

Datura began six months ago with the online concept, but at the same time, its also an evolution of my first line.

I received help from my colleagues, photographers and artists, my production team and a special mention to my dressmaker, who has always supported me a lot.

What is the future of fashion?

The future of fashion in my opinion has to follow a path towards a more sustainable world. Fashion should be a tool to educate the public in order to instil a lifestyle where you feel comfortable identifying with a carefully crafted garment. Superficial consumerism will disappear, behind a garment stands a great evolution of ideas and processes that have to be valued.

How do you convince clients of the need to pay more for a better fashion industry (world)?

The public is increasingly becoming aware of the fact that clothes last a lifetime, and as such they have a special value, because they become part of who you are.

The process for creating a collection is very demanding, and therefore higher prices are a natural consequence. Either way, anyone should question how it’s possible to produce cheap garments, which is what fast fashion is all about.

Datura adheres to the concept of slow fashion, but within this idea, Datura offers competitive prices. Being a “web only”-brand has reduced and eliminated many middlemen, who often translate into more costs.

What is your working method as a designer?

My designs are based on an inspiration where the personal and social issues relate to nature as a healing method.

I invest most of my time in the investigation of the concept, which then translates into the choice of fabrics, the colors and volumes.

Each season I also travel back to Barcelona, where I keep the production process, and returning to the Mediterranean is always a great source of inspiration..