Collina Strada

by Maike Moncayo,

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Hillary Taymour is the creative force behind Collina Strada, a clothing and accessories brand which conciliates two seemingly opposing forces: commercial success and exclusivity. The Californian designer began working on her first designs at home – completely hand-made – producing day and night to cope with the incredible demand, that was sparked by people spotting her wearing her own unique pieces. It can’t get more as exclusive than this. But what is so fascinating about Hillary’s story is that her small, home made brand began to attract the attention of textile giants like Target and Urban Outfitters, for which she began designing limited edition collections and with great success. Only to shortly after being signed to stores like Need Supply, OAK and Of a kind, which lie at the other end of the commercial spectrum with their selection of exclusive and sustainable brands. A world upside down.

In an express interview, Hillary introduces us into the way she works, her inspirations and first fashion memories.

What´s your first fashion-related memory?

Drawing Barbie clothes when I was 4 years old.

What kind of women does your brand speak to?

Someone who is not concerned with brand names and wants to create their own personal style with wearable functional pieces.

What does your work process look like?

I start with color theory, then work on prints. Then back to color theory. Then I sketch make samples, fit, change my mind. Make more samples, then change my mind again.

Which legendary fashion item would you have loved to have designed yourself?

The Birkin

How do you start working on your collections?

I travel and reflect. Then come back to the hustle and bustle to start designing.

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