by Maike Moncayo,

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The story behind  casper&pearl begins with Stacey Hendrickson in Adelaide, Australia, where this 18 year old girl started sewing dresses for her friends made from vintage clothes and fabrics. Without prior training and drawing inspiration from 70s fashion, the Beatles and The Virgin Suicides and Lula mag inspired girl imagery, Stacey gets down to work with her project, initially 100% DIY – style. After causing a stir on social networks and without hesitation, this young designer starts off with her own brand, casper&pearl, in order to conquer the world. And with a huge following on Facebook and Instagram, we don’t doubt the cult potential of her line. We chat with Stacey about her latest collection, “Secret Garden”, an irresistibly dreamy and feminine collection, that oozes a refreshing candour.

What is the story/inspiration behind your SS13 collection?

I was inspired by a book I grew up reading – “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgeson Burnett. I was a metaphor for my label in some ways, as it was about this little girl who grew something beautiful out of nothing, and that’s really what I’ve done today.

Who would you love to see wearing a casper&pearl piece?

I recently sent off some pieces to Ashley Madekwe from Revenge and the blog Ring My Bell which is pretty exciting – I can’t wait to see her wearing these pieces. Other than Ashley my dream casper&pearl girl would either be Elle Fanning or Elizabeth Olsen.

How are the garments of your line produced?

My garments started off being hand- made – but to keep up with high demand I had to move production off shore to Hong Kong. I made sure we used the most ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturer I could find, by doing a lot of research. We ended up using an amazing company who adhere to all laws about fair work practices and even donate a percentage of their profits to underprivileged children in China.

What’s the philosophy behind your brand?

The casper&pearl girl has very high values; she cares about the world and everybody around her. We exude this type of character, as there is nothing more attractive than inner beauty. Last year we had a campaign that donated 100% profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and we plan to do these types of campaigns very regularly to show that we are more than just a clothing brand.