Carolina Aubele: A sheet of paper

by Marí­a Pensi,

Caroline Aubele: Una hoja de papel en blanco |“Porteña” with  a German influence, slender, elegant, long wavy hair and shy smile. Carolina Aubele after graduating as a costume designer and winning a series of awards that led her to success, opens the doors of her world from creativity, style, philosophy of life and a very feminine perspective. She believes in”connecting with oneself,” a job well done, good quality fabrics and natural materials, Aubele blends fashion with psychology , she is a landmark of style in Buenos Aires, where she teaches  not only  to those people who are interested in fashion but also to others that desire “to generate welfare “,explains the designer.

Caroline Aubele blends fashion with psychology in her designs.

Aubele connects creativity with the person, “Image and fashion can not be separated from the person, if you have an image that does not fit with yourself ,that  is something wrong,” she clarifies. She designs for her own brand that sells in her boutique, dress works for advertising,  she is also the founder and creator of “Maison Aubele” a school of fashion, handbags and footwear design, styling and personal image. Carolina also gives lectures and seminars to young people and companies explaining how important it is to be yourself in a world like today. She has launched “The Style Institute” in Peru for image consulting, has her own weekly column in Clarín newspaper, and has also written a book called “Secrets of the locker room.”

Caroline Aubele: Una hoja de papel en blanco |

Image and fashion can not be separated from the person, if you have an image that does not fit with yourself ,that  is something wrong.

White, the color of “nothing,” a  sheet of paper ready to be drawn, the color of the beginning, peace, tranquility, clouds and relaxed mind, the white is always around  her… because her studio, her boutique and her “Maison” have that atmosphere of peace and freshness … like a blank sheet that opens to the world and to creativity, This is Carolina’s secret to be more receptive and thus transmit it to others, She also offers colorimetry courses …

White is everything in Maison Aubele.

The white is not only present in spaces, it also appears in her designs, in her style, in the corporate image, in its sessions and even in his paintings. Yes, paintings, beacuse  she is also an illustrator and likes to express herself ” … in blank”pictures

Caroline Aubele: Una hoja de papel en blanco |

What is fashion for you?

Fashion is a system that shows that change is the only thing that remains, the trends are for me just a reflection of the people’s vibration. It is the reflection of the society and of the different cultures living together.

What do you consider is missing in the fashion World?. What would you change?

We need laws  to protects workers in the International  fashion industry, especially all the “slaves “ working in infrahuman conditions in Asia.Consumers should be educated to help to solve this situation.

What is that makes your brand so special?

To love Nature, vibrations that heal, to connect women with beauty,  harmony between universal awareness and the real World, through materials and the sensations that  they produce, with contemporary designs not extremely modern. I connect with the sacred side of the woman and in her hyperactive dayly life.

Caroline Aubele: Una hoja de papel en blanco |

When and how did your strong interest to relate fashion, business and woman begin?

I never decided to do this, I believe it came to me. I am doing this since I was three years old…

How do you see Argentina and Latin America in relation to creativity?

Both are young cultures with destroyed history. Latin America is searching for a new development.

You are not only a fashion designer, but also a stylist, an interior designer and a writer. What do you attempt to express in your lectures and in your column in Clarin newspaper?

I want to go down from heaven to Earth. I want people to understand that all of us were created with the same perfection as trees , that women are almost slaves of stereotypes and beauty patterns ot this time, we are all born beautiful, but different. Every human being is unique and irreplaceable. There are not two identical persons, the body we have to live our life was given to us in perfect harmony, we develop by means of our mind and our decisions. The beauty in the World  is unlimited and every human being can create beauty for himself and other people.

Caroline Aubele: Una hoja de papel en blanco |

There are minimalist and nordic influences in your style. Why this minimalism and your interest in the color White, not only in your fashion design but also in your decorative style and your paintings?

White is Light, White is all colors, I feel confortable in White spaces. My mind is full of information and requires to create constantly. I need White canvas all the time. I feel that too much visual information is like an interference, like a radio that does not allow me to listen to myself. The vibration of the White color relaxes me, like the silence of a snowy landscape, I feel that everything is in order.

Maison Aubele is like your magic corner where people can learn and be creative…but, which is the secret that makes it different?

In Maison Aubele we give courses and masters for those who come and Online for everybody who speak Spanish, Our point of view is the well-being trough beauty. We train creative consultants able to develop wellness for other persons.

Which is the difference between your clothes and the others?

My clothes are designed and made wth dedication and love, enhancing everyone’s beauty and  very versatile.

In what you base on for designing?

To go down from heaven to Earth. On April I will launch my product line for Image consultants and personal image artists. A set of colorful fabrics. In 2014 I will launch a handbag line, these pieces will be easy to wear, beautiful with excellent materials with an Aubele touch… a little surprise…

Fetish clothes?

Leather jackets, many of them…accesories, shoes…

Define your boutique in three words.

Beauty, wellness, equilibrium.