No sin mi capa

by Laura González,

Sometime I’ve had to listen to this nonsense: winter is more elegant than summer, just as if the fact that you dress like an onion might give you a touch of charme.  If you do not choose well what to wear or simply you got a bad day, no matter you wear a bermuda or your covered up to your ears, it’s the same. What is true is that knowing how to wrap you up when it’s cold is similar to knowing how to take care or yourself, avoid colds, a leaking nose or a mucular contraction. One of the clothes I like most to fight low temperatures (essential this season) is a cape. And I don’t like cold, so imagine a version of Lady Winter “not without my cape”. Each one a style beacuse there’s to choose: superhero, dandy of the XIX centyry, red riding hood… Here some ideas to wear them, make them or invent them taking in consideration the easy pattern.

Hally Daily makes this cape up recycling a blanket, with a good dose of taste, a brooch and a belt.

No sin mi capa | DSC_0021 No sin mi capa |

The spirit Maison Martin Margiela involves this oversize model with a hood by Oh Lordy Lord.

No sin mi capa |


No sin mi capa | No sin mi capa |

Miss Audrey Hepburn inspires this DIY by In Honour of Design.

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