My little bonheur

by Laura González,

My little bonheur | My little bonheur | My little bonheur |

Probably the DIY seed germinated in many of us the first time we strung beads for our first necklace or bracelet. That’s the case of Melanie, a German designer now based in Barcelona that works recycled jewelry. Passionate about crafts courses, she organizes jewelry DIY sessions at home with her best friends. Wherever she lives or travel, she visits flea markets, vintage shops, bazaars and the most extraordinary boutiques to hunt for little treasures that tell their own stories. It is now just over a year that she made her dream come true, combining these components and giving life to the pieces that she devises under My little bonheur and sells on DaWanda platform. “My DaWanda shop is my economic base” and not only that, it is “my little bible too”. Among the variety of designers and unique products that make up this community, she finds inspiration and learns every day.
With the thought that each piece of jewelry brings luck and pleasure to those who wear them (therefore the brand name), she prints with enthusiasm a touch of nostalgia to the necklaces, bracelets or earrings, all unique pieces or very limited series. In this tutorial she’s prepared exclusively for “it, she reuses  an old wathc bracelet and makes a unique necklace with it.


-        Jewelry grippers and chain cutter.

-        One bracelet piece of a watch

-        From 40 to 80 cm long piece of chain you wish to use for your necklace

-        A little piece of antique chain (around 4-6cm) to add into the necklace chain as a beautiful eyecatcher

-        3 connector rings that match to the chain and its hole size

-        1 bigger connector ring for the closure

-        1 closure matching to the chain as well

-       Details you love to decorated the bracelet with. Here I used a pearl and a golden little star

My little bonheur |


We attach the pendant (the bracelet piece) to the main necklace chain by drawing through the chain we chose the bracelet ending. Here I use a bracelet piece that has a tube so I easily drew through the chain.
My little bonheur |


We incorporate the little piece of chain we’d like to use as the decorative eye-catcher (4-6 cm long) into the main necklace chain by connecting them with connector rings.

My little bonheur |
My little bonheur |


We finish constructing the main necklace by incorporating the closure connecting it with the necklace chain endings using the two connector rings. Before doing that we decide the length of the necklace chain according to our wishes. We can test the length by holding the necklace chain around the neck before cutting and finally incorporating the closure.

My little bonheur | My little bonheur |


We now end the pendant attaching the pieces for decorating the bracelet with a little connector ring to the bracelet. Here I used a pearl and a star as elements.

My little bonheur |


The necklace is ready to decorate your neckline special and very personally.

My little bonheur |

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