My bikini’s bottom

by Laura González,

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We proposed Bibiana Carol to teach us how to DIY a bikini’s bottom and it was a breeze. Designer for Guillermina Baeza and teacher at Duduá‘s bikinis workshop, she showed us in a heartbeat that to make a basic bottom is not much mystery, although a basic sewing machine knowledge can help. We’ll need som lycra, elastic band, thread and scissors.

As she told us that the passion for sewing was inherited from her grandmother the dressmaker and that only after having ended her studies in Classical Philology she decided to study Fashion Design, we started with the pattern. Placed above the lycra folded in half, we cut it gently. Once we have the front and rear, we join them with pins and prepare the bottom to be sewn. There’s no need to basting, but we should take care about the inside and outside of the lycra. The part that makes drawing point average is the outside and the garter stitch is the reverse.

Now, slowly we start sewing the sides and the bottom with a regular stitch. Then we go to the band, which must be pulled at the right point of tension to fit perfectly. We sew the fabric with a zigzag stitch this time. Once we’ve sewed the elastic band on the edge of the waist and the leg holes, we fold it inside and sew it back.

To complete the bikini, the best is that you attend one of the courses in Duduá, where you can pick a top of bandeau or curtain design and the color of lycra you like. The next sessions will be held between tomorrow July 26th and Tuesday July 30th. To register, you can send an email to

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