by Laura González,

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The small workshop Rocío has at home.

Rocío moved from Madrid the big city to the mountains a few years ago, and although she has to move a few miles a day, she wouldn’t go back. Since always she liked crafts, drawing, painting … and especially sewing. She began doing little things for the house, the children or some gifts, and slowly she went into the world of patchwork, discovered sewing blogs and decided to create Marabara, her own Dawanda shop. This platform gave her all the tools and visibility of a full-fledged online store. She’s also keen on buying online and in Dawanda she finds a variety of very special good quality products.

Today she combines Marabara with her job as an engineer in a multinational. Two very different worlds with which she deals parallel, sometimes with great effort, but happy to confirm that creativity and enthusiasm to create have emerged and taken shape into her brand. She finds inspiration in her children, from who she receives large doses of inventiveness when they seep into the small workshop she has at home. There she spends hours between her huge collection of fabrics. The choice of fabric is her favorite part of the process. “To open the wardrobe, select, combine, choose again … I really enjoy it. What’s worse is to clean up the mess afterwards.” That passion for fabrics is reflected in her creations, which combines different kinds, prints and colors without forgetting functionality. “Things have to be useful and beautiful at the same time.” Many of her designs have emerged from a need: how to organize jewelry or hairpins when you travel.

On her blog and Facebook she likes to share her creations, photos or tutorials like this ecobag she brings us today for “it.


-   Rectangle of fabric 90 cm x 40 cm

-   Rectangle of print fabric 25 cm x 15 cm

-   Two cotton ribbons of 60 cm each

-   An elastic

Step 1: handles

A) We fold the edges of the large rectangle about 2 cm twice.

B) We center the handles placing them about 18 cm below the edge and sew on the bottom line.

C) We turned the handles up and sew back to the top line.

Marabara DIY |

Step 2: pocket

A) We fold on the right side of fabric.

B) We sew around leaving a large stitch in one of the horizontal sides. We cut corners, unstitch and turn to the right again.

C) We shape and take out the corners. We put the elastic and stitch the contour.

D) We place the pocket on the bag with the elastic up and sew.


Step 3: sides and bellows

E) We fold the bag with the right fabric out.

F) We match the corners and sew sides, cut out the excess of fabric and turn.

G) We sew again the sides.

H) To make the bellows optionally, we sew the corners (8 cm), cut the ends off and sew the cuts.

Marabara DIY |