Little Atae

by Laura González,

Little Atae |
Little Atae | Little Atae |

The soul of Little Atae is Isabel, an Irish girl living in Madrid. Little Atae means small gift in Japanese and the brand was born based on her love for the paper and all the wonders that can be done with it. In fact, Isabel enjoys creating a product from the beginning to the final result and designs with paper notebooks, makes wreaths or handmade prints labels.

Her drawings are inspired in Dublin, her city, and her DaWanda shop has a selection of products created from these naif illustrations. She hand-packs each piece carefully and with affection, while she has a breake to eat some gingerbread cookies. “DaWanda gives me the safe way to sell my products and to meet other designers and vendors from the DIY and handmade world.”

Today she brings specially to “it a simple tutorial to make an illustrated brooch.


With a sheet of shrink plastic (you can buy on Amazon) do a drawing, considering it will shrink about three times its size.

Little Atae |


Cut the figure, leaving a white border around.

Little Atae |


Place it on a tray lined with foil into a hot oven at 170º. After 5 minutes, when it shrinks and becomes flat, remove from the oven.

Little Atae |


Put a pin behind the figure and we have ready the brooch.

Little Atae |