Julia’s Turban

by Laura González,

We had been chasing Julia Vergara for a long time to learn the secrets of her turban and we’ve enjoyed her presence in Barcelona to discover, during the special exhibition and sale of SuTurno at the Helena Rohner boutique.

While she chose the right scarf to show us how to use it, Javi, the other half of the brand, explained their singularities. Because from SuTurno they desing prints for other clients, but they came to Barcelona to present their own collections, made of scarves of different sizes and patterns, 100% silk (crepe, pongé or twill) sewn by hand. Also a sample of cotton fabric cushions.

Games and printing craftsmanship they use bring as result the characteristic imperfect geometry of their drawings: colorful textures, subtleties of tones and always a story behind each collection. Then comes the step to the computer and printing to silk (or cotton pads) is digital, with the correct use of dyes and waste reduction. They are ardent supporters of local production and work like that, but then it is the Japanese who die for their scarves.

The turban mode we tryed is the most familiar of Julia. With the scarf folded in half, forming a triangle, we are ready to start. We cover the back of the head down and the longest side of the triangle to the neck (the vertex opposite to the crown). We knot above the hair and then hugge the hair is left over with the ends of the scarf. We bring them back to their original position to make a loop on the first node. Gently, we hide part of the lock and voilà. The Martinican look, Carmen Miranda or whatever we feel like is guaranteed.

As she dressed our head, Julia explained her memories as a child to see her mother permanently handkerchief. “She wore it mostly to tame her curls, but she started to dress our heads too.” This old habit gave her the touch of elegant originality to her looks. “It’s the magic of a scarve, that can complete the dullest outfit” For more ideas, do not miss on their blog the label “scarves instruccions”: there are already thirty entries in the series Ways to wear a scarf.

All pics by Patricia Valero.