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María Mary is one of those architects who do not renounce their other passions and started a few years ago with great enthusiasm her own jewelry brand, emeeme. This way she’s made of her aim to design something that has become ever more important. “I look for combinations of colors, materials and shapes that get to transmit, and create funky pieces to use every day.” Today she has her own Dawanda shop, which means the possibility of reaching an incredible amount of people. “It’s like having a window at home open to everyone, a shop that you can visit wherever you are. Furthermore, Dawanda has been my link with a lot of interesting super creative people I would not ever have discovered otherwise. “An artisan community that has also thought of Christmas gifts and gives away half the shopping on Dawanda until next Thursday the 20th.

With this DIY that Mary has prepared for “it, she wants to teach us how to make a ribbon bracelet with porcelain beads.

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The first is to gather the materials we need.

1. Two pieces of ribbon. You can use whatever you want. Here I used a width of about 5mm
2. Beads. It is important that the hole is large enough to make pass our ribbon.
3. Two ribbon terminals tape. Here also 5 mm because the terminals have to be as wide as the ribbon we use.
4. Two rings of about 5 mm in diameter.
5. A carabiner.
6. Pliers to close the rings and tighten the terminals.



The first thing we do is fill in the ribbons with the beads.

Paso 1


Then we make a knot in each end of the row of beads, so they don’t move.

Paso 2


We tightened the knots well and cut the ribbons to match them and to place the terminals. The terminals have few teeth trapping ribbon. We just have to place them at the end and closed with pliers, being careful not to flatten or scratched them.

Paso 3


Once placed the terminals, we will put a ring on each edge. The first ring will close alone, but in the second we’ll insert the carabiner before closing.

Paso 4
Paso 5


And there it is our bracelet.

Paso 6


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