Adorns for my hair

by Laura González,

Sometimes I use clothespins to put up my hair. When I’ve got nothing else and I’m at home, because I avoid it when I get out, it’s understandable. So I’ve made up my mind to research about other methods also simple but chic to dress up my head. There’s a huge universe about hair accesories so let’s begin with the simple ones: hair bins or clips. To garnish them we can use an old buttons collection like Christina from A Homemaker’s Journal does.

Mi cabeza, bien amueblada |

Flowers and bow ties are elements easyly transferable to a hair clip. Here ideas from Caught on a Whim and Momtastic.

Mi cabeza, bien amueblada | Mi cabeza, bien amueblada |

But it’s always interesting to go further. I got a crush on this star model from Rodarte and searched for tutorials to imitate it. Refinery 29 and High on DIY have two elaborated proposals. Who’s up for it?

Mi cabeza, bien amueblada |

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