All the pretty faces: Leonardo Floresvillar

by Estel Vilaseca,

Ugly people can’t be happy.

Dibujando guapos: Leonardo Floresvillar |
Mexican Leonardo Floresvillar  started to illustrate at the age of fourteen years old. Then he loved to create his own manga style comic strips, but during the journey he has evolved in a more refined and contemporary aesthetic. A great lover of Ricardo Fumanal  and Antonio Soares’s works, Floresvillars is obssessed by “decadent places, people and situations; and extreme contrasts: satisfaction and void; erotism and innocence and hedonism and violence”. His illustrations of good-looking people idolize pop icons in sepia tones and pink backgrounds. But he portrays his friends and colleagues as well. Garçon Garçon, Patrick Work, Cut Copy, Passion Pit, The Naked and Famous and “an endless list” plays all the day while he draws or works as an art director. His last find? “Ugly people can’t be happy”.

Dibujando guapos: Leonardo Floresvillar |

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