Siemprevivas: about kisses and backs

by Estel Vilaseca,

Everything about Adrian Salvador and Lucas Zaragosí’s brand exudes a really special energy. I think that it has to do with the way how Siemprevivas connects with women’s sensibility, with all of their contrasts, shades and complexities. The girl-woman as a reality and not as a cliché. Their recent collaboration with Maïa Vidal, pure beauty, super personal and special, seems to confirm that opinion. The singer, with her voice and presence, was the center of Siemprevivas new capsule collection launch. Called “SHIRT”, they wanted to pay a little tribute to their shirts, a key piece in their collections. Of course, between kisses and backs, there was a lot of New York as well, the welcome city during Adrian Salvador stage as a designer in J.Mendel. As we wanted to know a little bit more, we talk with them via email:

Siemprevivas: de besos y espaldas |

¿What has been the challenge of SHIRT?

Since we started some years ago our aim has been work hard on a daily basis in order to make our brand something special. We love every single aspect of our work related to design, fabrics, productions, shows, campaings…And SHIRT it is something more, a capsule collection with the essence of SIEMPREVIVAS.

¿Why did you want to reinvent the shirt concept?

Once someone defined our first collection as “kisses and backs” and the fact is that we always paid attention at these two things. The open backs designed to give attention to the woman’s body and the shirts as a key piece. For these reasons we decided to create SHIRT, as a funny evolution of the patterns we have been creating during these years, playing with shapes, fabrics and accessories.

Siemprevivas: de besos y espaldas |

SHIRT es Nueva York y su ambiente ultrainspirador.



¿How did Maïa Vidal come to your lives?

We had been listening to her music for a while and she was a strong inspiration developing SHIRT. In December, living in New York, we went to her show and we had the chance to meet her afterwards. She is magic. We inmediately fell in love with her and then we started a nice relationship that has made it possible like the designing the outfits for her world tour or her visit to Valencia some days ago for our presentation. It was amazing! So it seems Maïa has come to stay next to us for a long time.

¿Adrian, what did you take from NY for TSHIRT?

Maïa! SHIRT is New York and its super inspiring environment.

Take one shirt and explain me why.

Each one is important, because all of them somehow define our personal Lower East Side. Allen Rivington, Mott, Norfolk, Clinton, Prince, Spring, Elisabeth, Crosby. These are the streets were we get mad!