Melancholy of the past

by Marí­a Pensi,

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Bright, grids, transparency, feathers, a little psychedelia and gothic atmosphere, dark lips red and black, giant cherries, masks, ceramics, soft lighting … This is the new 2013 collection of hats by Piers Atkinson: artist, illustrator , fashion designer, fashion editor and DJ, he could be defined as the personification of curiosity.

Atkinson is the son of a theater dressmaker mother, from whom he learned the skill of hats, he is the brother of Lucy, model of Photographic Art Noise covers, grandson of the artist, writer and illustrator Lesley Gordon, from whom he learned unconsciously the art of multi discipline. After studying graphic design and photography at the University of Bristol, Piers moved to London in 1995, where he helped Andrew Logan, who now works with him. Later he began to collaborate with Zandra Rhodes, working in art direction and public relations in the company. When Rhodes became a client of Mandi Lennard, Piers took a place there and his career began to grow.

Piers launched his first collection of hats in February 2008 and has created collections every season since then. He has collaborated with designers like Ashish, Ashley Isham and Noki for presentations and has dressed Anna Dello Russo, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kelis, Paloma Faith and Cate Blanchett. The princess of York and Dame Shirley Bassey have worn his hats and he has also exhibited creations in the V & A Museum of the English capital.
We can see his designs in the pages of Vogue Italia, V Magazine, Tatler and in the London newspapers. His hats are available all over the world, from Milan to Japan.

His 2013 collection, inspired by old Hollywood, is a review of his last 10 seasons re-imagined through the vintage glamour, in relation with the crazy charm of Liza Minnelli. He was also inspired by an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London, “Glamour of the Gods” with portraits of Hollywood goddesses. All kinds of vintage materials were used, especially the ones that came from his mother dressmaker, antique textiles, straw, feathers, silk flowers, organza, a fabric of Zandra Rhodes, , and tissue paper, very durable and matte finish. Most tissues were laser cut and reduced to exquisite colors: white, black, silver, gray and red. Piers never abandons his particular humor, so in this collection a model is shown with a black mustache along with a hat rack. He seems lost, like a mannequin without personality in search of a real life. Isn’it the role that Hollywood personalities play? He is casual and urban, as she seems to come from another time, between 20s and 50s, elegant, discreet, sensual …

The multidisciplinary Piers has really become international, there are no fronteers for him…