‘Dones Mula’ by Miriam Ponsa

by it fashion,

Miriam Ponsa presented her latest collection inspired by the porters of Melilla. This designer continues on the same line that took her to win the prize of the best collection in 2010 and 2013, finding inspiration in strong and hard-working women. The arabic architectural motifs are combined with volatile tissues and volumes that remind the weights carried by women. ’Dones Mula‘ reinterprets the imaginary of Miriam Ponsa through playing with tape, superpositions and diagonals that form and purifie her unique style ever more. We fell in love particularly with the transparent skirts and earth colors, proposals in which the accessories and chosen materials shine. The collection also presents silkscreen prints and nudes, a master class in basketry, macramé, and twists that transport us to a warm border between two countries.