Aterrizando en Planet Palmer

by Estel Vilaseca,

Today a new planet was born at Espaciovalverde Gallery in Madrid. Its name is Planet Palmer and it has been put on the map by Brianda Fitz-James Stuart and Ana Rodríguez. These two explorers met ten years ago at IED for the first time. A decade later and after two years of intense preparation, the planet has began to rotate. As a part of the training we can not forget the Brianda stage at La Casita de Wendy, a key point for the raising of this new brand.

For their first collection named “You Rock!”, they send us simple and timeless patterns from Planet Palmer  where their handmade and digital patterns stand out. They go for sustainability as well with the use of bamboo fabric for their t-shirts and a 100% made in Spain production, putting attention for local trade and fair salaries.

The collection is available online at and at the pop up that Planet Palmer has set up at the same Espaciovalverde gallery, Valverde 30 street, the following days: 15, 16 and 17 of March from 10.30 am to 09.00 pm. We interview via email Brianda and Ana, the designers, to know a little bit more about the project.

¿In which galaxy does Planet Palmer rotate?

In a cosmos of prints, graphic elements and loads of colors.

¿Could you define that new planet with just three words?

Ana, Brianda and Isabel.

¿Where did you travel to search for inspiration?

Nowhere really…it has been more a references research thing, something really intuitive.

With your use of the eco fabrics we can see a strong commitment.¿Would you define Planet Palmer as a sustainable brand?

We would like to be on our way of becoming one. Of course there is an intention.

If you had to chose just one of the pieces from the collection, which one would it be?

Oh, that’s really difficult…We have put so much effort in everything….Maybe the clouds dress because it is the first pattern we did.

¿What kind of girls would you like to see wearing Planet Palmer?

We are not so much muse type…what we really would love is to meet some girl on the street wearing Planet Palmer.