Après Ski on the Twilight zone

by Estel Vilaseca,

Après Ski‘s new collection “Twilight” was born after a love at first sight moment. It happened when the owner of Après Ski Lucía Vergara met for first time a Mocha Ware ceramic piece. “ I felt a great connexion with its aesthetic and, as the same with loves at first sight, I wanted to know more about it. I bought some books about Mocha Ware and I was amazed to know about its antiquity, because its colors and motifs they look so now for me.”

The pieces of “Twilight” Après Ski new collection takes inspiration of the shapes and colors of that kind of pottery produced at the end of the XVII century that was really popular thanks at its low cost and attractive look. Something that Après Ski has in common as well with Mocha Ware: the use of artisanal finishes and motifs traditionally considered “poor” techniques.

Lucía has worked with decorated beads that has combined for her “Twilight” playing with the opposites and supplementaries. Opposited that need and search themselves because at the end they are part of the same thing on nature: light and shadow, Tropic-Polar, Desert-Oasis, Wood-Tree, East-West. Necklaces full of rhythm ad music that match: plain with print, white and black, color and monotone, big and small. A wide range of shades that talks about that “Twilight” zone that gives the title to that collection again shoot by the great David Urbano.



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