080 Barcelona Krizia Robustella

by Estel Vilaseca,

Krizia Robustella opened the Barcelona Fashion Week out of the calendar. The fashion designer is the only brave that shows off the official schedule. While in Madrid a good number of designers make their presentations in the off schedule, in Barcelona one misses the magic of projects like the old Circuit and the reality just talks about the difficult moment that are experiencing the independent designers. But Krizia Robustella resists and in the center of Raval laid down the red carpet in order to welcome her new collection in a funny and accurated set. Golden textures, XXL accessories and Pau Sampera print designs talk us about the hiper-luxury that seduces saudi sheiks and rappers in a attractive orient meets occident. The singer Mia has been one of the big references for a designer that enjoys trying to fit not obvious concepts. Krizia knows well her audience and has found a formula that works well but that could look too much comfortable.