080 Barcelona Manuel Bolaño

by Estel Vilaseca,

One of the things I love most from Manuel Bolaño is the mess of references he uses to design his pieces. With a literary sprit every new collection represents a new chapter in his biography. Personal tales full of suggestive quotations. In that occasion a friend and golden snow were some of the landscapes that he presented with an uncomfortable but evocative music on the background. A sophisticated collection full of layers and shades that the designer solved with intelligence. It was possible to figure out an intensive work matching the fabrics, prints and textures thanks to the prior experience. Despite the apparent excess of some outfits, the elements were mixed well and added relevant information at the end. I love when someone tells me stories and takes me to another place and Manuel did it again yesterday. I flight to Japan, I visited again the Yayoi Kusama exhibition in London, the war drums sounded loud and I saw the intense flavour of a big passion while the sun goes down in a warm sunset.

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