Elbow patches for my sweater

by Laura González,

At this time of the year, if you haven’t provided yourself with a sweater, you better hurry up. A DIY to elbow patch your new acquisition or the one rescued from the depths of the closet, can distinguish the sweater that fell apart during the student time.

Besides, there are thousands of more or less elaborate choices, but the basis is as easy as putting on a patch: sewing ovals made of any fabric on the right place. If we want to do something special or learn how to work other materials such as sheep hair or leather, here are some inspirations: the romantic in felt and against cold from Wholly Kao, the stellar ones from Say Yes to Hoboken, the very chic sequined ones devised by A Pair & A Spare, or the stamped interpretation of Black and White. Another option is the version of shoulder pad we’ve pinned here.


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