A touching leather

by Sònia Vivó Sarrià,

Zoom in: emotion, delightness, tenderness; zoom out, meditation, excitement, indifference under a faint halo of light.

There aren’t enough words to describe the pictures captured by Olya Ivanova, a young Russian photographer awarded worldwide in several occasions, who has participated in big magazines such MonocleGuardian WeekendVice and WAD.

From Russia, she shows us her lastest shooting session of Pleathure‘s aesthetic backpacks, leather and pleasure. A second skin made off totally handmade, which is available in a big range of colours that Ivanova captured with her footprint’s style: icy images, austere, desaturated, focused on the subject’s photographied feelings, which move us.

Feel for yourself the Olya’s insight on olyaivanova.com.