Notas desde Buenos Aires: Cúbreme

by Marí­a Pensi,

Cúbreme Buenos Aires |

She feels fragile, calm … she breathes fresh air and relaxes … she is facing a different and unique shop window from the rest, a crystal that reveals a landscape of peace that brings just sighs, the kind of sight that you get when everything seems calm, right in the middle of a crazy city as Buenos Aires.

In the showroom they have in Palermo, snow-white walls, dark wooden floor and asymmetrically hanging garments, transport us to a different world; ecological air, along with the softness and freshness of tissues, loose and relaxed forms of the collection, and colors that do nothing more than call attention for its elegant simplicity. Brown, browns, whites, vanilla …They told her a story. A story called “Cúbreme“, about how the design of clothing, accessories and textiles joined the sustainable production in Argentina, dedicated to the woman, the man and homeware textiles.

Cúbreme Buenos Aires |

And so the story began … Cover me works with natural organic yarn garments giving them a “classic – contemporary” shapes as they define, with fibers obtained from the shearing animals of domestic species of the Andean – Patagonian Andes – which are raised in to the wild. The use of vegetable fibers such as groecological cotton come from the provinces in northeastern Argentina (Chaco and currents) where small farmers work the land with biodiversity caring for the environment and the rest of the rural communities. The development of these fabric are handloom and garment development is done in tailoring workshops where clothes get a couture finish.

The fibers obtained from the shearing of animals, camels and sheep, are treated in boutiques Yarn and worked under the controls of organic certification standards. While creating the fabric is run by highly experienced knitters, revaluing the craftsmanship and local industry and giving to each unique and flawless finish.

Cúbreme Buenos Aires |

And she, sighing, quiet, get out of there with a pleasant smile, and dind’t caring anymore about the frantic noise of the city.