Faustine Steinmetz: To street to fashion

by Sònia Vivó Sarrià,

501’s jeans and Eastpack‘s backpack of wool, silver jewelry of velvet inspired by characters outfits’ on the French movie La Haine living in suburban Paris; tracksuit made wholly handmade by hand-woven England wool.

Faustine Steinmetz remakes by hand the daily fashion items by using completely different garments; moving our wardrobe, some how, into Haute Couture. She claims that fashion has become to something boring, “Everyone is copying the other and it’s an industry where it’s totally fine to just take from each other and in the end nothing seems new and original.[…] I am not interested in the fashion part or in making nice garments but in the craft, into good beautiful objects that have a nice touch and good finish and you can feel that someone really took care while doing it.”

Maker, crafter and artist who sell in her exclusively and done per order clothes at Faustine’s online store.
Long life to Slow FashionFaustine!

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