Brand New: Karim Adduchi

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We talked with Karim Adduchi, a young designer that presented his latest collections on the catwalk of the Academie Gerrit Rieteld of Amsterdam.  From Moroccan origin, Karim was born within a family of tailors where he grew up between threads and sewing machines. Interesting in drawing and painting, he decided to study Great Arts at the University of Barcelona and continue his studies specializing himself in fashion design at the Academie Gerrit Rietveld of Amsterdam.

Brand New: Karim Adduchi |

What is the philosophy behind your designs?

The one of the respect of inspiration, making it visible in the final design in a transparent way.

What is your creation process?

Always different, if I have to visualize ideas of verbalize visions that I have it would not be a specific plan.

Where would you like to sell?

For the movies of Wong Kar Wai, especially in the esthetic world of “2046”.

Where do you find information?

Where I never thought I would find it…

Brand New: Karim Adduchi |

Favorite Designer?

That’s a secret!

One style advice?

Don’t push the body to the ground…

A secret?

My favorite designer!

Brand New: Karim Adduchi |

The garment that you cannot stop wearing over and over again?

My father’s pants!

You would never wear…

Other pants of my father…

Favorite song?

Norma from Maria Callas.

City that inspires you?

My native city, Imzouren.

Brand New: Karim Adduchi |

What makes you laugh?

Phoebe from Friends.

The latest thing that you have discovered or learnt?

That I can sleep more that I thought, but I can’t figure out how.

Antidote again stress?

Phoebe from Friends, haha.

A solution for the crisis?


Brand New: Karim Adduchi |