Bet, talent explosion

by Estel Vilaseca,

Projects like BET make me think if at last we will get something good from that complicated and frustating situation that we are living here in Spain. For exemple, we can see how the youngest ones are starting to use their creativity out of nowhere in a really interesting way. BET is Barcelona Textil Experimentation, an atelier created by Sara Galofré, Mariona Tell and Mónika Ardila with the aim “to demonstrate that textile can have more weight in our fashion market.” Inspired by Fina Miralles work of art, these enterprising three have created the amazing Daphne, a preface of their first accessories collection entitled Dona Arbre, which contains four different bags that establish a dialectic between the natural and the artifiial. Bet are promising. An #itithurra for them…and don’t forget to follow their diary, truly inspiring


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