Top 4 trends for 2013

by Daniela Cordero,

The restless fashion industry prepares to greet 2013 with new collections, unexpected hypes and advertised trends. With that preamble, It makes a count of the top 4 fashion insights for the next twelve months.

1. Safari Boys: With the recently concluded London Collections: Men, and living a time when men’s clothing is more important than ever, the Safari influence was crowned in Spring Summer 2013 shows. No wonder, olive green jacket will move across to all fashion scenarios this year.

2. Offline & Online get Inline: 2013 is when people begin to stop talking about offline and online separately. More retailers and brands are making a fundamental connection, to ensure that the consumer receives the mobile devices as a selling point. So the purchase decision it’s going to be more influenced by mobile devices than store assistants. Image by Jak & Jill.

3. Color of the year: According to Pantone, this will be the year of the Emerald green, and watching the latest collections of Sportmax, Gucci and Burberry, we do not refute.

4. Shining: Spring Summer shows were full of high impact brights, and they’re about to land on the mainstream scene. We recommend you to track Burberry’s sweet-wrapper technicolor, because this is how the year will be painted.

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