4 ways technology is creating the future fashion

by Daniela Cordero,

We are living in the future, where advances in fashion, as in almost any other industry, are powered by technology. Which of today’s advances are driving the Fashion High Tech of tomorrow? To take a track, here’s a summary that touches the margins of energy and information:

RFID Technology in Fashion

We’ll find that RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification) in major retail chains are becoming popular. The cards are woven directly into the garment, with the purpose of identifying about 12,000 products per hour, which results in an accurate and efficient inventory within the stores. And is not only used for security, RFID also issued consumer alerts, giving them different information about the brand, or reminders such as the project of MIT students Heidi Chen and Nicole Tariverdian, who designed Deja Vu, a bag of intelligent notifications.

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Sustainable Fashion

Diffus’s Climate Dress has devolped an innovative technique that reproduces circuits in traditional embroidery, with a driver over 100 LED lights, a CO2 sensor and LilyPad Arduino microprocessor (the great spoiled of fashion technology). The system monitors the air pollution, and consequently creates different light patterns, with pulses that vary depending on the levels of Carbon.

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Protection Technology

The designers of Hövding, invented a scarf airbag to protect the head of cyclists. The device inflates in a tenth of a second immediately after detecting an impact, and the strong Nylon which it’s constructed, ensures that the helmet does not break when it hits the pavement.

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Solar Power

“Convert energy into beauty” is the premise of design student Mae Yokoyama, who created a necklace that consists of small solar panels, that power the three source LEDs included in every piece. Even though she’s still developing prototypes, it’s already capable of charging a mobile phone or a music player.

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Source: The Coolist