Wearing art

by Natalia G. Sans,

One more week in Arte y Parte, the mix of textiles, designers and trends unites different worlds. This week we discovered Kindah Khalidy, a Californian painter who doesn’t just paint. Her creations go far beyond painting and they are almost textile creations, so… Can we call them fashion? Her drawings and unique shapes, created by the fabrics, make them almost wearable. The childish prints made us think of other artists who work with a similar style but with different techniques. For example, we are talking about Robert Bradford, an artist who, since 2004, works with plastic toys creating sculptures. Two versions of the same style of work, since the same painting, worked on fabric or cloth, creates a very different result. In the same way, Bradford’s work is made of toys which create sculptures to “look and not touch” while Kindah creates in order to play with her work, and almost wear it… So can we talk about dressing the art?