Hunter&Gatti for Hoss Intropia

by Estel Vilaseca,

Las week Hoss Intropia opened its flagship store in Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. Inside, bloggers, journalists, models, actors and clients of the brand didn’t want to miss the party. The Spanish line loves artistic souls, thus their last campaign is protagonized by model and artist Quentin Jones. So they organized an exhibition with photographers Hunter&Gatti for the event. Cristian Borillo and Martin Cespedes, who have been working for the brand more than four years, showed a pictoric interpretation of their last shot for the brand. Hunter&Gatti are probably one of the most promising photographers in Spain. Based in Barcelona and New York, we can find Guess by Marciano, Carolina Herrera and Swarowski among their last clients. We talk with them about the exhibition with Hoss Intropia and about their career and work:

How did you come up with the idea of that exhibition for the opening of the new shop of Hoss Intropia?

Coinciding with the opening of their new store, the brand invited us to show the images we did of their last campaign. But we wanted to do it a little bit different and special, and for this reason we suggested to do a pictoric happening around them.

What do you wanted to express with them?

BWe got inspiration from the initial concept of the Hoss Intropia: the submarine travel to Atlantis. The painting is a visual metaphor of entropy and links with William Turner shipwrecks.

You have been working with Hoss Intropia for along time..Isn’t it?

Four years. It was one of the first brands we worked for.

This year you have started introducing your work into the art world. ¿What has been the reason for that?

It has to do with our interest to evolve, to give our images from magazines and campaigns a new life, turning them in unique masterpieces far away from the fashion trends.This year we will open our own gallery in New York city, an open space for art and fashion that will make it possible for us to interact and evolve as artists.

What is your creative process?

Once the picture is finished, we use paint as a medium to reconnect with the initial meaning of the image. The most part of the inspirations that we use to create an image get lost in the way. Painting them we try to discover their soul or even we can experiment with the initial idea.

Although you work for national and international brands, in your work for magazines you usually work more overseas. ¿What is the reason for this?

Hunter&Gatti was created with an international vision and we have never felt attached to a specific market. The opportunities and work can come from everywhere. At the same time that Hunter&Gatti was born, we created a magazine called Viewonfashion that updates daily. With this magazine we have been able to create international links and it has been the motor of many of our comissions.

With the new fashion scene on the internet, we think that ViewOnFashion must evolve and it will do it as a specialized online magazine about fashion and art with exclusive content. Less quantity, more quality.

Could you unveil us some of your upcoming campaigns?

It’s complicated to talk about work in progress, but in our porfolio you can see some of our recent works like the fashion feature for Flaun magazine with Bruno Mars, the Carolina Herrera campaign for their 212 perfume or the Hugo Boss Green campaign. But I can advance that the new videos we are preparing for Massimo Dutti will be a quantum leap in our carreer. Stay tuned!