Organic Constructions

by Natalia G. Sans,

Construcciones orgánicas |

When visiting Izaskun Chinchilla’s website, you might think that you are in a web of cross stitch, handmade things, home decoration, (see the “Tree species”!) … But the fact is that Izaskun is an architect from Madrid, who offers us an architecture style associated with fashion. Again in this section, fashion and architecture come together. Today we want to talk about the relationship between this architect and La Casita de Wendy to see how much they have in common.

With an utmost care of its garments, La Casita de Wendy appears as an advocate for sustainable fashion that never gets old. The brand plays with nature, uses non-toxic fabrics, organic cotton and recycled fabrics. Their motto is “anti fast fashion”, also advocated by Izaskun, who sees how fashion has become something temporary and ephemeral, while architecture has not yet taken this leap: we must be adapted to our time! Izaskun also works with experimental methodologies and research on new forms of construction, as if she were discovering new fabrics and textiles. In her work she wants to involve people, to create comfort as well as the textiles do. With fabrics or buildings, both seem point in the same direction, and we encourage them to keep going!

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