Animal Ceremony by Rocio Alvarez Albizuri

by Marisa Fatás,

The fugitive and weightless poetry of Rocio Alvarez Albizuri capture in his verses the moment when we more anchor us to the earth, making cult of our more animal side. And for it, she transits the map of love, “the result of a journey full of rituals, impossible images and wild forces.” In Animal Ceremony, Rocío sails among the lights and shadows of human instincts, celebrating the pleasures and suffering the heartbreak. Definitely, this lovely collection of poems is a walk between the telluric depths and the celestial heights of real life.

Paper copies, edited by Baterbly, are accompanied by a new free app for both iPad and for Iphone which expands the reading experience through videos, recited texts or translations. The video poems, performed by Nadia Portillo y Julieta Alvarez Mata, are inspired by the universe of Man Ray.

To access this cosmos, knock this door.