Virvin: Good and vintage…

by Laura González,

Virginia Berciano was not always so convinces, but the interesting thing was realizing after doing many different things, that her way was in fashion. Back in her city, the syndrome “what do I do now?” originated the idea of Virvin, the online vintage store that launched in 2011 after a judicious analysis of various projects in which she thought to bring something different. She has always been good at finding treasures, and the opportunity was on the Internet. Rescuing forgotten items and clothing, apparel and accessories left in piles where their originality or true spirit was hidden. Virginia’s brings them to light in Virvin, where she selects each piece by hand for the style and quality, paying attention to current trends to offer a very accurated collection.

Most of the garments are restored and go through the process of cleaning, ironing, sewing and customization to be turned into unique pieces that deserve another chance, including designer labels, handmade or authentic antiques. In addition, the section Virvinizing You, recommends options combinations with other items (whether from the store or not) to create different looks and considering the advice of each client on specific items, special occasions or clothes they’ve always wanted to achieve without lucky find. This is the added value of an online store that offers hidden treasures, invisible to most, rescued from Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, UK, France or any destination that offers interesting alternatives.

While showing us their great finds of the season, Virginia answered our questions.

What is the spirit of Virvin?

We focus on the craft, the personalized and addition value. In the age of mass production, continuous manufacturing and standardization, Virvin offers exclusivity, uniqueness and differentiation.

What do you like of working in Virvin?

Everything! But especially the search for the garments, creating looks and relationship with customers. Many times I have the feeling of having been shopping with them, and have established a close relationship of trust … it is a nice experience, I never thought to get that online.

When buying second hand must be clear that it is clothes that have already been used, be careful about the sizes and find a store that transmit confidenceMientras nos enseña sus grandes hallazgos de la temporada, Virginia contesta a nuestras preguntas.


When buying second hand, you must have in consideration that they’re clothes that have already been used, be careful about the sizes and find a store you trust

What advice would you give when buying second hand?

First of all have clear that they¡re clothes that have already been used. I think this is the biggest “danger” of this type of clothing, the fear of the user to feel cheated, so in Virvin, it is one of the points that we care most, restoring and cleaning clothes. We always mark the state in which each item is… May have slight signs of wear over time, but they are wonderful garments, unrepeatable fabrics and unique! That’s why each of our pieces, has a proper name.

Secondly it is important to take care about the sizes. In general vintage sizes are smaller than new clothes. E-commerce it’s important to adapt nowadays sizes to garments of the past. We have used a simple generic classification S / M / L and when a piece is “troubled”, is clearly marked in tge description. For example, a very narrow waist wearing …

Finally, find a store, no matter physical or online, that gives you a good feeling and confidence. Overall a vintage store meets certain parameters: characteristic odor, large volumes of unkempt clothes (without washing or ironing), none or little deal with the customer… We try to strive to avoid these barriers, caring not only the state, but cleaning, running a small selection of items, having a direct and very personal treat to each user showing interest in our products, and offering alternatives of possible looks that will inspire our customers to not buy clothes that won’t be used afterwards.

Your best buy?

The truth is that at this point, I have found many amazing pieces, which I have often have difficulties to let go. But there is one, which I have not been able to yet: a maroon overalls I found in September 2011 in Seattle during one of my trips. Last winter I carried nothing but it and the same this season because it’s been the most loved color.



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