River William: Cuestión de tacto

by Laura González,

While they are in the middle of producing their first collection as creative couple, Guillermo and Ibai celebrate the long friendship and the several previous projects together. It was two years ago when they decided to join forces in River William, the firm where they overturn creative concerns in common. Based in Bilbao and academically educated in Fine Arts and Design, they found an expression language in fashion and through it they want to express their creativity. ”The reward is seeing that someone is wearing our design and that person appreciates and enjoys it.’

Organic cotton and natural dyes.

Focused on quality and feel of fabrics, they use them as canvases where they color and stamp prints, images that make them unique. Every piece is entirely handmade. They work organic cottons and use natural dyes. ”With this we ensure the less factories fuming behind.” Besides, nature is also the starting point of their creations, to their own surprise. ”Not that we live in a New Age ecstasy in which the forces of nature beat us wildly against the walls of our study…” but it is the raw inspiration that we shape through the most sophisticated languages, art and fashion. They use printing techniques such as screen printing, discharge or devoured, that allow them to work with their own fabric designs and give them special emphasis.

White gives way to the dark of night in the next collection.

Last February, we saw their catwalk on EGO, a clean proposed for this fall/winter: an alpine landscape on which sun rises to the sky. Presence and purity of white dotted blue and warm tones. After the first contact with the industry and its operations, they are located in the fashion map, where they hope to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship, “participating truly to our principles.”

Used to collaborations with local artists, creators of their environment and generation, they’re now preparing their next collection. Until we see it, they tell in advance it’ll continue where the last finished: the snowy landscape to be cast on the night. Whites will become blue, staining dramatic skies and intense colors combinations: yellow, red, purple … Necks are high, visible waists and naked legs. Darkness and lust are here.