Oliver & Co.

by Laura González,

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The sense of smell is probably the most evocative because of its subtlety. It speaks of somebody beyond his own perception, it makes you move in space and time without travelling, it brings absent to present with its aroma. Oliver&Co. is the firm that begun to create hand made olfactory experiences by using the finest ingredients. In the alchemical process intuition, ingenuity and chance are involved, always far away from known formulas. We speak to the soul alchemist of this project: Oliver Valverde.

When did your interest in the sense of smell awake?

The sense of smell is always there, the problem is that for most is the forgotten. People smell and breathe without paying much attention. It’s a sense somehow independent from the rest, with direct connection to the hypothalamus, and not enough educated. In general, we educate more the view with art, the ear wiht music, the taste with flavors … From my childhood I always educated the smell never thinking I would end up dedicating myself to this. At one point in my life I became interested in aromatherapy in order to create a healthy and comfortable living space at my home, but never with the idea of ​​creating perfumes.

And the launching came…

Three years ago I launched the brand, but I spent a year developing the design and formulas. It all started by chance: I had left a job, I was tired of working for other companies and I always liked doing crafts. I ventured to make candles with scents that had long been used as aromatherapy. It was very revealing when everything started to feel at this stage of experimentation. I realized I had discovered my profession and had all the ingredients to launch my own brand.

How do you create a parfum?

My way to design a perfume is based on factors such as intuition, chance, experimentation … it has a mystical and metaphysical component. I can not deny that I’m obsessed with what becomes a small part of nature, such as chemical or and present in it, but I do not give a technical or analytical sense, I rather live it more passionate.

And the working process?

Most of the times I’m in the lab, I do not have in mind any story to tell the perfume. Let’s say I’m mixing according to different factors such as my mood, the weather, some raw materials I have recently discovered … and gradually I let myself in a state that allows me to drive around to a particular odor. Sometimes I’m just totally drugged and I smell nothing for weeks. All this sounds a little crazy, but that’s how I live. From there I decided to assign feelings to perfumes.

Each scent of yours is defined by seven sensations.

The story of each perfume is in itself , its own force and nature, which I translate into feelings. I do not need any external support to sell. This is how I conceive Oliver & Co. Very simple and purist. I’m not into these marketing tricks …  I am very honest in that regard. I could tell a story for each perfume very sappy, but that would not be me. The number 7 is because it is my number fetish.

What materials do you like working with?

The truth is that I have no favorite one. I like all of them, it depends on the time and the formula in which I’m working. I have more fixation on natural, but some synthetic are essential and wonderful to accompany natural with.

What is the aroma of Oliver & Co?

My favorite is MOUSSE, I have a special affection for this perfume which I made for me without the idea to sell it, but for some circumstances it ended up in the market, and coincidentally is the best selling. But the perfume RESIN is the star right now, the latest addition to the collection.