Nylon Sky

by Laura González,

Nylon Sky | itfashion.comNylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.com Nylon Sky | itfashion.comIt is common for professional passions to appear during the childhood and fashion design is certainly no exception. Jennifer Ring, soul of London jewelry brand Nylon Sky, still remembers the first time she transformed a fruit packaging into a handbag. This was at age of 7. Two decades later, and after graduating in Interdisciplinary Textile Design, she was ready to start her own brand. ” I learned the processes of lasercutting and etching at university and it was something I wanted to develop. For me it allowed a creativity and experimentation beyond what was possible with traditional metalwork.”

Established now in Barcelona, ​​geometric shapes inspire her jewelry while laser cutting makes them a reality. Far lands and past ages are a constant source of inspiration and her latest collection draws on the culture and history of Japan: from the classic symbols used in ancient textiles and kimonos from nineteenth century, to the architectural movement of metabolism in the 60s.

The focus of her proposal lies in the details. Star material: perspex, which she combines with other natural such as wood or leather. “I love the contrast of different components in the same room: the perfection luster and surface of acrylic, organic seeds or wood.” Same with the techniques, “We use the laser technology in the first stage of production and then everything is constructed and finished by hand in the studio. In this case, I’ve used laser-etching to create surface patterns on wood, and miniature nuts and bolts as fastenings.”

When she’s asked who she would like to see wearing her designs, she fantasizes about a piece commissioned for the incomparable Frida Kahlo. “I really admire her attitude and creativity. If she were still alive! But I have to say I’d be more than delighted to see Ida from Glass Candy with a Nylon Sky. They were amazing at Primavera Sound.” Looking ahead, Jen plans to return to her roots in the textile and explore digital printing for accesories. She’s planning collections for scarves and backpacks. We’ll stay tuned.

Pictures: Anabel Luna


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