La Parada

by Laura González,

La Parada is unusual books and photography. It’s also Raquel and Xènia and spots 14 and 15 in Abaceria Market in Gràcia. The project, which took shape with the idea of bringing art and culture literally to the streets, has become in few months a very active reference for the agenda of Barcelona. Welcomed warmly by fellow merchants and neighborhood residents they keep a very special warehouse of titles and images they want to share further than minorities. Their Speaking Corner on Saturday has become the speaker for authors and artists who share their projects at the time of vermouth and also the Photographer’s Day (with three new rendez-vous for the month of March) brings together photographers who come to explain their conceptual and creative worlds from the work itself. To stay tuned of what’s happening in La Parada, follow them on facebook.

They say necessity gives brains and they transformed unemployment into a project to their measure, a dream come true. Bearers of this new model of cultural offerings, they’ve made to “it a selection of ideal titles for different moods.

Books and pictures to …

To know this two dreamers better, here in action.