Elvira ‘t Hart

by Laura González,

Drawing and fashion. Two passions made ​​one. It is the amazing work of Elvira ‘t Hart: “I love drawing and I love fashion. I can not separate them or choose one of the two, so that’s why I combined them in this way.” Her graduation project  is about the research on how to translate something from 2D to 3D, integrate the way we look at things that are flat or spatial, and the subconscious misinterpretation to fill in the missing information. “I’m interested mostly in quick sketches: lines that suddenly end or disappear. Give only the necessary information and leave the rest to your imagination. It’s much more intriguing.”

This is how she reduced her designs to lines and surfaces of black and white and after she raised the question: if this works on paper, how can I make it work in “real life”? So she turned her drawn sketches into wearable drawings. Creating patterns from straight lines and drawing the clothes in black leather that she cut out with laser. In the process new forms evident or suggested appeard, only to stimulate the imagination. For now, she has developed a small number of pieces in an attempt to realize the concept, and a preview of what’s to come: the collection for next season. We can’t wait.


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