Revista 23

by Laura Ferández Alfaro,

A number, a mistery, a magazine and four friends who decided to create 23, a publication with a pitch of riddle, perfect design and a couple of details that let you notice the difference of something that has a really good quality.

Alberto Polo LañezAna CabelloEduard Bagur and Eva Morell are the owners and thinkers of this magazine which was born with a clear key point: loving for art.

In less than one year, they have established a magazine that also served to publish their own works and also let us  getting to know some other unknown artists. The second number of 23 was launched past week and includes works of Luna Miguel, Alba Yruela, Christian Colomer, Craig Stewart, Nicholas Stevenson, among others.

But, the most important, is that if you want to know why the magazine is always surrounding the number 23, don’t miss out our interview with Eduard, one of its owners. You will discover that 23 is not a random number and the publications which has this name, neither.

Revista 23 |

You talk about 23 as a mysterious number, why do the name of the magazine is 23 and not 11 or 13? 23 is it a special number to you?

Why do you have chose 13 or 11? Everything has a reason. Even thought you couldn’t answer me right now, I am sure, there is an explanation. Ours come from Ana, because since she was a child this number has a special meaning to her. Each youth disgust, each detail… even she was born in a 23. Thus, when we were thinking about the name of the mag, suddenly she shout: 23! Everybody was agree, specially for that, because it was out of the blue. It is something which remind us, the random of things.

What do you have in common to create the mag?

We like the same things, even if there are some disagreements, but with an argument, I guess all of us love to look at things carefully. Im not talking just about me, Alberto, Ana and Eva can think about how to do something, how to write and so on in an absent way. And that´s it. I reckon its already enough to have in common.

What was the fact to dare you to create 23?

The key point was when Ana and Albert met 2 years ago. They linked each other really fast. After all, they were talking about creating a new magazine with all the things they love. Then, Ana introduced me to Alberto and take part on the project from time to time but finally, im on it. For the design of the mag we love Eva´s work and she is on the project now too.

In general, do you think that in our country, young artists don’t have enough support?

I think in any time of the story you haven’t seen so many artist like nowadays. It is cool to do just scrawls. It is cool to be photographer if you just have an iphone. You can made something cool with a blog and after maybe Pepsi can call you to draw something. That has a bright and a dark side. On the net, there are amazing people, but you have to find them. We love to do that. I have no idea if institutions help us or are interested in our work. What I know is that it is true that it could be interesting. We looked for some grants but they were just a few and very complicated. So, we gave up. As a result, we have paid everything and look where we are. ¿There is any institution who wants to help us? I don’t think so. But, we are open to every chance.

Do you pretend to turn 23 into a platform for new talents?

We want that 23 become a daring for the new artist. On this way, with a selection we can discover unknown people who can show their work. But we are not only looking for young or unknown people. We are seeking for a piece that we would love, that could catch our attention. Unknown or well-known. Someone who wants to take part on this.

Besides, the tote bag, would like to create more stuff?

We have just started, but im sure they would come so many projects soon, apart from the magazine, with some artists.

Which are your dreams with 23? Where would you like to go?

We want to do what we love. We do create a publication from a very good design until its embellishment. From the topic to the final ideas. We want to find an amazing people who listen and listen, who get us discovering new things and get surprised. We would like to know that when someone could have 23 on his/her hands enjoy it, love it, take care of it and save on his/her library.

Laura Fernández Alfaro |

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