Girlzine, a por el 3!

by Estel Vilaseca,

Girlzine, a por el 3! |

My ideal girl is one who has no complex when displayed as her is.



Ramiro E is working on the third issue of his Girlzine titled “La Vie C’est Chouette”. Inside this auto published fanzine the Spanish photographer reveals his true obsessions. Girls next door turned into a new take of the classic pin-up are the main plot. Eroticism of simplicity in magazine format and a collaborative tone results in a very personal work. The girls pose, but this time they also participate in developing the content.


Issues one and two have reached the Parisian store Colette, the temple of the select. For this third to become just like Ramiro has imagined it in his head, he launched a crowdsourcing initiative via My Major Company. With donations starting from 3 euros, this is a good opportunity to get exclusive work of the artist.


59 days before the deadline runs out for the most luxurious Girlzine, we chatted with Ramiro E to discover the details of this new exciting adventure:

What is Girlzine?

Girlzine is an auto-edited publication with photographic content. Inside I attempt to capture some of my obsessions that always have to do with a personal vision of what feminine beauty and, sometimes, eroticism, are. Most part of the content is made up with my own pictures but I am slowly opening the way to other related contributors.

How does a Ramiro E girl have to be?

She has to be “effortlessly” sexy, naïve but independent and especially close and real without losing her mistery.

What is beauty to you?

In my particular search for beauty I always considered myself a bit idealistic, a romantic that refuses the standard beauty, a rebel, a maverick who does not always want to accept the canons of good taste.

What should you do to be a Ramiro E  girl?

My ideal girl is one who has no problems in showing herself just the way she is, for me this is the epitome of sexy. If a girl shows me her “supposed weaknesses” openly then she surely has won me over.

Which contributors we will find in “La Vie C’est Chouette”?

This issue will be very special thanks to collaborations I am very proud of. The photographers Alba Yruela and Silvia Varela, on the one hand, interpret the Girlzine universe . Valeria Obrero Piticlín participates with illustrations and her recycled pictures and Laura Sierra has made some very funny collages. There will also be Claudia Mate  graphic contributions, styling by Almudena López Calafate from Yo Dona and a photographic collaboration with Shallowww by slumming.

And we finish with that little preview that Ramiro has sent us. ¿Do you want more? Then go to My Major Company and make the next issue of Girlzine come true.

Girlzine, a por el 3! | Girlzine, a por el 3! | Girlzine, a por el 3! | Girlzine, a por el 3! |