Atelier Mayer

by Laura Ferández Alfaro,

Atelier Mayer is for anyone who appreciates unique features, handcraftsmanship and an out of the box approach.

When you see its cover, decorated with a floral print from spring/summer 12 collection of Toujouri, you know that  Atelier Mayer  would be a lovely magazine fascinated by little details. Carmen Haid is the creator of this magazine who describe it as a publication “for anyone who appreciates unique features, handcraftsmanship and an out of the box approach. It is a more a “book” to keep and collect”.

This Austrian woman defines herself as a luxury lover who got inspiration thanks to her grandmother, Klaudia Mayer, to create the universe of Atelier-Mayer. A luxury boutique that  has original vintage pieces from haute couture and its own publication nowadays.

Atelier-Mayer is a biannual, English publication with limited editions and independent which organize fashion shootings with some of the clothes from the boutique.

How has your grandmother influenced to you in order to set up “Atelier Mayer”?

My late grandmother Klaudia Mayer was an integral part and my inspiration to pursue a career in fashion. She founded ATELIER-MAYER in 1927 in Vienna during the Viennese Secession. She was a haute couture seamstress who specialized in evening wear. Her clients included members of the Austrian, Swiss and Liechtenstein society. Following a decade in PR & communication, I felt there was a niche in the market for luxury vintage fashion online. An avid vintage couture collector since the age of 3, I researched the market and launched ATELIER-MAYER.COM in 2008, a revamped version of my grandmother’s atelier in the form of an online boutique for the 21st century.

What is in your opinion the specific difference between vintage garments or actual clothes?

Most current collections are inspired by something vintage. Example is Dolce Gabbana’s AW12 tapestry pieces. The vintage appeal is that you get the original and it is absolutely unique. It has a story, heritage and many times you find handcraftsmanship which is now long forgotten or hard to make, exquisite cuts and materials. Example: bias cut dresses of the 1920s and 30s, materials used in jewellery such as Bakalite, wood and Lucite.

Which is the role of vintage clothes nowadays?

All the cool girls and real fashionistas wear vintage and mix it in with current season clothes. It gives the special edge and personality.

Could you recommend us your favourites vintage boutiques around the world?

Decades in LA, Juisi in Sao Paolo, Didier Ludot  in Paris, What comes around Goes around in New York.

Which are your dreams of “Atelier Mayer”?

My dream and vision is to be one day the global portal for luxury vintage fashion and accessories online.

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