Carmen García Huerta’s home

by Mercedes Pérez Muñoz,

The day before meeting Carmen García Huerta it was raining. I was thinking over and over again about how everything would be the day after. We wanted to take advantage of the daylight in her studio, where Carmen works as a freelance illustrator for well known magazines and develops her work as an artist as well as making absolutely precious illustrations of strange volumes.

It was 15,30. The sun gave us a chance and shine through the windows of her living room, where you arrive directly from the elevator. Between two big windows, a big portrait welcomes us.

Carmen brought us directly to her studio, where she continued working while we moved between oil painting cans, easels, thousands of books and strange objects full of meaning.

The studio, separated from the home by an enormous terrace, is the place where Carmen spends her time creating illustrations for magazines like Elle, Ragazza, Vanidad, El País Semanal, Woman and brands like Loewe or Custo Barcelona. Although, in my opinion, it’s in her personal illustrations where she let’s her creativity flow. Two really different styles that display her crative talent.

The house, where Carmen, Rafa and their daughter live, speaks for itself. A mix of styles in a place with a really odd layout where illustrations and family live together. Souvenirs, unique pieces, impossible chairs and a magic light that invites us to stay a little bit more. And now we invite you to take a walk through this house full of art.