Unseen Warhol

by Estel Vilaseca,


Reality continues to write amazing stories. Serendipity scheduled an unexpected encounter between Warhol’s unseen drawings and gallerist Daniel Blau. Although these illustrations had been cataloged nobody paid any attention to them. Blau’s knowing eyes were necessary to give them value … It seems incredible, but these kind of stories continue to occur in 2011. Now the Museum of Modern Art in Louisiana exhibits Warhol – Early Drawings, showing part of those 300 sketches, thus, opening a new chapter in the biography of Andy Warhol. They are the B Side of his early days as an advertising designer in New York; small pieces of reality that the artist synthesized, creating a decalogue of the popular culture that preceded him. I can see on them the art of Elisabeth Peyton, Gus Van Sant, Jim Jarmusch Warhol …Did Warhol travel in time without knowing it?

For more information go to the original source of that review: Warhol Desconocido.



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