Riika Sormunen, the warmth comes from the cold

by Laura González,

Sometimes the warmth comes from the cold. As the high mountain hot springs or the wonderful drawings of Finnish illustrator Riikka Sormunen. The sensuality emanating from her characters is the result of her imagination but also involves ideal versions of herself. The neat lines and the delight in the details, especially in clothes inspired by some of her favorite designers like Jonathan Saunders or Dries van Noten, respond to her love for fashion with beautiful patterns and colorful garments. And the enormous narrative signification of moments and stories portrayed in the 22 seductive images of Big Mother #3, her first book, is a symbol of her identity.

Overall, Riikka’s work, traveling between influences from Klimt, Kahlo and Kandinky, has captivated us. Printed on sustainable A3 paper and in limited edition of 2000 copies, Big Mother # 3 can be read as a book or dissembled into artworks. After briefly studying fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, she turned her back to school and moved to Berlin to focus on painting and illustration. She contributes for The New York headers Times or The Guardian, among other media.

Via It’s Nice That